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Terms & Conditions

  • Introduction
  • Article 1 Purpose
  • Article 2-Products -Prices
  • Article 3-Registration -Confirmation of Orders
  • Article 4-Delivery
  • Article 5-Guarantees
  • Article 6-Payment
  • Article 7 Computerization and Personal Information
  • Article 8-Miscellaneous
Terms and Conditions
The web site hereinafter “the site” is an information and e- commerce site accessible via internet to all internet users hereinafter “web surfers” The site has being developed and managed by
LAODOCK PTY LTD a.b.n. 25 166 197 762
VIC 3072
PH: + 61 3 9478 2770
The site enables New Republic to offer for sale clothing and accessories made by and or for New Republic or by its business partners (hereinafter the “Products”).

All web surfers who connect to the site (“hereinafter the “User (s)”) for the purposes hereof the User (s) and New Republic are referred to collectively the “Parties” and individually the “Party” and any user who confirms an order is referred to as the “Buyer” The rights and obligations of the User(s) necessarily applies to the Buyer(s)
The products are intended for the personal use by the User not directly intended for the latter’s professional use, in this respect we call the user’s attention to the fact that the user may only order maximum of (10) products with the same catalogue reference any given month, any order for more than that maximum number can not be excepted. Any product ordered via the site presupposes the having read and expressly agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the sale by clicking on the box next to the phrase “Please check this box to confirm you have read the Term and Conditions” in accordance with particular law…. where the electronic signatures are concerned please note; that the fact of clicking in the box next to the phrase “Please check the box to confirm you have read the Terms and Conditions” after reading them in the same manner as confirming the order form as described in clause 4.3 below constitutes an electronic signature which is binding between the Parties to same extant as a manual signature and stands as a proof that the entire order is legally valid rendering all amounts in connection therewith due upon performance of said order..

New Republic may change this Terms and Conditions at any time. Please check these Terms and Conditions at regular intervals for any changes. Your continued use of the site following any change to this Terms and Conditions will be deemed acceptance of those changes.

Please ensure that you read these Terms and Conditions carefully, especially the disclaimers and limitation of liability.
The user may save or print this Terms and Conditions of sale provided they are not
Modified in any way.

Article 1 Purpose
The purpose of this Terms and Conditions of sale is to set out the rights and obligations of both parties, exclusively because of the relationship they initiate on the internet, with respect to any and all online sales of products offered on site. They apply to all the steps necessary to place the order and ensure the follow-up of such order as contracted between parties.
This document is the sole document applicable to the relationship between the parties; it cancels and supercedes any other document.

Article 2-Products -Prices
2.1 Products
The Products offered for sale by New Republic are those featured on the site, on the date when the user consults the site and insofar as Products are available in stock.
Should any Product be out of stock the Buyer will be informed as quickly as possible.
The photographs and texts illustrating the Products are non- contractual New Republic cannot be held responsible for erroneous photographs or text.

2.2 Prices
Prices are posted in Australian Dollar and valid only for Australia and its States and Territories, They include any reduction and Australian Goods and Services Tax GST. Applicable on the order date.
All orders placed through the site for delivery outside Australia may be subject to taxes and custom duties at the destination point. Such custom duties and taxes due on delivery of an article are borne by the Buyer who assumes the payment obligation. New Republic is not obligated to verify and inform the Buyer of applicable custom duties and taxes.
The prices posted on the site are guaranteed on the date of order and for the articles available in stock, reserve made for significant changes in particular GST manifest printing error or omissions.
Prices do not include delivery expenses which are billed in addition, the User being informed thereof upon final confirmation of the order.
New Republic reserves the right and the User accepts, to change the price at any time.
However the products will be billed based on prices in force when the order is placed.
Provided that said products are available in stock.

Article 3-Registration -Confirmation of Orders
3.1 On-Site Navigation
The User can view the various Products offered for sale by New Republic.
The User may navigate freely on pages of the site with no commitments to purchase via an order.

3.2 Orders and Registration
If the User wishes to place, he or she chooses the desired Product and signals his or her interest by clicking on “Add to Shopping Bag”
The User may at all times:
- Obtain the list of Products selected by clicking on the shopping bag
- Continue or change the selection of Products by clicking on “Shopping Bag “located top right hand side of your screen
- Finish the shopping for Products and order those selected by clicking on “Order”
To order the selected Products, after clicking on “Order” the User must Identify him or herself by entering his or her email address and password chosen when opening the personal account; or if this is the first order, by clicking on
“ If this is your first Order, Please click here”
In the latter case, the User must fill out accurately the form provided, with all the information necessary to identification, mainly his or her name and mailing address. In addition the User must provide his or her email address and chosen password which will be treated as personal and confidential, Which will be needed in the future for identification to access the site.
The User is hereby informed of and consequently accepts the fact that entering this two identification marks is valid as proof of his or her identity on consent.
Once the User is identified, the delivery address must be confirmed
(As laid down in clause 5 below) than an order form will appear onscreen, restating: the nature, quantity, and prices of the Users chosen products as well as the total amount of the order, the Users personal information and address for delivering the Products.

3.3 Final Confirmation Of the order
After reviewing the order, once the User provides all the requested information, a summary of the information and the order will appear. At this point the User proceeds to the secure payment site by selecting the type of card used for payment in order to confirm the order definitively.

The User must than enter the number of his or her credit card the date of expiration and the three digit security code on the back of the credit card.

By paying via credit cards as provided in Clouse 7 below, the User is automatically transferred to the electronic payment server of the secure electronic payment platform (hereinafter the “Bank”) The Bank’s sever is made secure via an S.S.L (Secure Socket Layer) code in order to protect all payment data as thoroughly as possible.
At no time are the User’s Banking data transmitted to the New Republic information system.
As a consequent New Republic is free from any and all liability in that respect.
As soon as payment is validated, the order is placed and becomes irrevocable.
The User thus becomes a Buyer.
The order form will register in the New Republic information archives and be kept in a reliable and sustained support system. Serving as evidence of contractual relationship between the two Parties.
In accordance with clause 6 below the Buyer is entitled to retract his or her order and to be reimbursed for a period of (7) business days starting from the day of the reception of the Products by the Buyer.
3.4 Confirmation of the order

A summary order receipt will appear onscreen once the order is confirmed.
This serves as confirmation and restates all the information, which constitutes the agreement between the two Parties.
The Buyer will than have access to his or her order by clicking on “ Your Account” and by filling his or her email address and password.
3.5 Gifts

The Buyer may purchase gifts for friends through the site.
The ordering procedure is the same as the one followed for personal purchases. The New Republic site enables the Buyer to send a personalized message to the recipient of the gift.
This message will appear on the shipping documents delivered along with the goods.
New Republic guarantees that the price of the article will not appear on the shipping document.
The recipient of the gift will also have the benefits of all the guarantees contained in clause 6 below.

Article 4-Delivery
New Republic will make its best endeavors to ensure that the order is dispatched between one (1) an five (5) business days, on average from the day after the buyer confirms his or her order. New Republic will inform the buyer with in five (5) businesses day should there be a delay associated with item not being in stock.

Delivery time will be three (3) to ten (10) business day for Road Express one (1) to four (4) business days for Air Express with in Australia and its States and Territories. All overseas orders may take longer depend on the country of destination.

New Republic declines any liabilities for undue delays in deliveries due to postal services or other means of delivery.

In the event of loss or damage to the products ordered during delivery, the Buyer must send in a detailed complaint to New Republic Customer Service Internet Client Department
VIC 3072
PH: + 61 3 99478 2770
With in three (3) business days after receiving the goods. In as much as possible Buyer must note on delivery slip any observed anomalies (damage to package and/or ect)
In addition ownership of the Products remains with New Republic until such time it is paid for in full including any delivery charges.

Article 5-Guarantees
Satisfied or your money back.
In accordance with Australian consumer codes that the buyer has period of seven (7) days to return at his or her expense the product(s) ordered if, for one reason or another the Buyer is not satisfied with them. This seven (7) days period runs from the Products reception date by the Buyer.
New Republic accepts only those Products which have not being worn or washed and which are returned with their label and material tags intact.
The Product must be returned in their packaging and packing of origin to the following address.
VIC 3072
Prior to returning Products the return must be notified by sending the return notice attached to the product invoice by mail to New Republic Internet Client Services Department
VIC 3072
PH: + 61 3 9478 2770

Upon fulfillment of above condition New Republic will reimburse the amount paid by the Buyer with in thirty (30) days starting from the date of reception of the package by New Republic. (Date of posting by the Buyer is as valid notice to New Republic that the Buyer has exercised the right to withdrew his or her order) except return expenses which are born by the Buyer.
Defective Products
If, despite care taken by New Republic in preparing the orders a product has a defect, the Buyer has seven (7) days from date of delivery to return the defective product at his or her expense for exchange or reimbursement. In order to processes this claim, as quickly as possible any defect must be notified beforehand. Prior to returning Products by sending the return notice attached to the product invoice by mail to New Republic Internet Client Services Department
VIC 3072
PAX: + 61 3 9387 2495
Any claim for return after seven-day period will be rejected by New Republic and its legal liability will cease as of that time.
Upon fulfillment of the above conditions New Republic will exchange the defective Product(s) or reimburse the Buyer with in thirty (30) days from the date of reception of the package by New Republic.

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Article 6-Payment
Credit Cards Accepted:
Dinners Club Card
American Express
Credit cards issued by Australian banks

Other forms of payment:
Online gift Voucher
We do not accept:
Personal checks
Money orders
Payment is made immediately via Internet, unless the server is unavailable, by means of credit or bankcard issued in Australia or outside Australia by Visa, Dinners Club, Master Card Euro card or American Express. The bank or credit card payment transactions between the Buyer’s computer and the secure payment system (SPS) managed by Westpac Banking Corporation. New Republic service provider for online payment transaction is entirely encoded and protected using S.S.L (Secure Socket Layer) procedures. At no time are the User’s banking data, credit card details transmitted to the New Republic information system. New Republic do not collect or store users banking data, credit card details.
However New Republic reserves the right to refuse any and all orders or deliveries in the event of (a) surpassing the order threshold indicated herein (b) ongoing dispute with the Buyer
© Buyer’s total or partial non-payment of a previous order. (d) Credit or bank Card Company’s refusal to authorize the payment (e) non-payment or partial payment in all this cases New Republic cannot be held liable in any manner.
Credit Card Gift Vouchers can only be redeemed for orders less than the full amount available on the gift card. Orders cannot be split between two forms of payment when using a Credit Card Gift vouchers.
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Article 7 Computerization and Personal Information
7.1 Personal Information

The personal information concerning Users gathered for online sales is necessary for processing orders and delivery, as well as invoicing, such information is strictly confidential and is not disclosed to third parties except New Republic subsidiaries, any missing information will entail the automatic refusal of the order.
The User has a right to access, modify, correct and delete information concerning him or her. To exercise this right, the User must sent an email to New Republic at
7.2 Cookies

Only “session” cookies are used on the New Republic website. Such cookies unable the site to keep only data of a temporary nature from the current sessions (articles selected, time spent on the site, ect.)
This information is in no manner associated with individual Users name and is not saved from one session to the next.
7.3 Web counter tags

Certain pages of this website may contain electronic images or “counter tags” that make it possible to count the number of hits on a page.
Such web counter tags can be used with some of our partners, mainly with a view to measuring and improving the visibility of certain pages.
In any event information gathered by the web counter tag is strictly anonymous and serve only to compound statistics on the number of hits on a given page of the site, in order to better serve our website Users.

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Article 8-Miscellaneous
8.1 Disclaimer

New Republic does not warrant that access to this site will be uninterrupted, of that the service offered on the site will be error- free. New Republic reserve the right to change or discontinue any feature on this site, New Republic uses reasonable endeavors to update the site regularly however New Republic makes no representation as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of any information or services at the site. All information and services are provided on an “as is” basis, and The User(s) are responsible for assessing their accuracy and User(s) relay on the information provided on this site at their own risk.
To the fullest extend permitted by the applicable law, New Republic excludes all terms, contentions and representations, expressed or implied in relation to the use of the site.
The information on this site and these terms and Conditions have being repaired in accordance with Australian Law, but may not satisfy the laws of other country other than Australia (User Country) you acknowledge that: if the information and these Terms and Conditions satisfy the laws of the User Country, than you are entitled to use and access the site; if the information and these terms and Conditions do not satisfy the laws of User Country, than this site is not intended for your use and you are not entitled to rely on the information contained on this site or to order any products offered for sale on this site. If you do so, you agree to indemnify New Republic for any loss, costs liability or damage, which New Republic may incur as a result.
8.2 Liability

To the extend permitted by law New Republic excludes all liability for any loss or damage, including any consequential loss or indirect loss, loss of data or loss of profits, arising in relation to use of this site (including the inability to use the site), whether or not caused by New Republic’s negligence, and whether or not the possibility of loss was known to New Republic.
In particular discontinuation of service intrusion by an outside party or the presence of a computer virus.

Any liability of New Republic that can not be excluded or that is not otherwise excluded under this clause is, where permitted by law, limited at the option of New Republic to: (a) the supply of the relevant Products: or (b) the payment to the Buyer of the cost of having the relevant Products or services supplied again.
8.3 Partial invalidity

Should one or several provision of these Terms and Conditions of sale be deemed or declared invalid pursuant to any law or regulation or by virtue of a final judgment issued by a competent court all other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.
8.4 Entirety of Agreement

These Terms and Conditions of sale and the order summary sent to the Buyer together constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties here to as regards the subject matter hereof. In the event of any contradiction between those documents the terms and Conditions of sale shall prevail.
8.5 Jurisdictions

These terms and Conditions are to be governed by and construed in accordance with laws of Victoria, Australia. The Parties submit to the exclusive Jurisdiction of courts of Victoria, Australia