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How to use your shopping bag
When you are shopping at and as you add items to your bag, it is saved in your Shopping Bag. The Shopping Bag holds products you wish to buy while you shop. Items you place in your Shopping Bag will remain there until you purchase them, remove them or move them to your Wish List. They will remain in your Shopping Bag even after you leave our site. However, they remain in the Shopping bag as long as we still have them in stock, once the items are no longer available in stock they will automatically be removed from your Shopping Bag
Your Wish List allows you to save items that you’re thinking about buying. This feature saves your selections even after you leave our site, making it easy to relocate and purchase your favorite items in the future.
In order to move items from your Shopping Bag to your Wish List, you must sign in with your Account e-mail and password. Even if you leave the site and come back, you can access your Wish List, but only by signing in with your Account e-mail and password.
Items will remain in your Wish List until they are moved to your Shopping Bag or removed. Placing items in your Wish List does not guarantee availability. However they remain in your wish list until you remove them.

Payment Method
We except following Credit Cards
  • MasterCard 
  • Visa 
  • Online gift Voucher 
  • PayPal®
We do not accept:
Personal checks
Money orders
Payment is made immediately via Internet, unless the server is unavailable, by means of credit or bankcard issued in Australia or outside Australia by Visa, Dinners Club, Master Card Euro card or American Express. The bank or credit card payment transactions between the Buyer’s computer and the secure payment system (SPS) managed by Westpac Banking Corporation. New Republic service provider for online payment transaction is entirely encoded and protected using S.S.L (Secure Socket Layer) procedures. At no time are the User’s banking data, credit card details transmitted to the New Republic information system.New Republic do not collect or store users banking data, credit card details.
However New Republic reserves the right to refuse any and all orders or deliveries in the event of (a) surpassing the order threshold indicated herein (b) ongoing dispute with the Buyer
© Buyer’s total or partial non-payment of a previous order. (d) Credit or bank Card Company’s refusal to authorize the payment (e) non-payment or partial payment in all this cases New Republic cannot be held liable in any manner.
Credit Card Gift Vouchers can only be redeemed for orders less than the full amount available on the gift card. Orders cannot be split between two forms of payment when using a Credit Card Gift vouchers.

How does PayPal work?
PayPal is used to securely send payments over the Internet. You can choose to pay from your PayPal® account balance, a credit card, debit card or bank account. To make a PayPal® purchase, select PayPal® during checkout on the Web site and choose your method of payment. Your funds are transferred immediately and securely.
PayPal® is highly secure and committed to protecting the privacy of its users. Its industry-leading fraud prevention team is constantly developing state-of-the-art technology to keep your money and information safe. When you use PayPal® to send money, recipients never see your bank account or credit card numbers.

How Do I Contact PayPal® Customer Service?
For the fastest response, you may access the user-friendly Help Center. Developed by the PayPal® Customer Service team, this Help Center contains a comprehensive information database. Simply type a question into the search box to receive a complete answer.
If you do not find the information you need in the Help Center, PayPal® Customer Service representatives are available to assist you. Send an e-mail for a prompt response or contact PayPal® directly by phone: Customer Service: 1-402-935-2050 (a U.S. telephone number) 4:00 AM, PDT, to 10:00 PM, PDT, Monday through Friday 6:00 AM, PDT, to 8:00 PM, PDT, Saturday and Sunday
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Goods & Services Tax GST
Goods & Services Tax
Applicable Goods and services tax will be included on all orders shipped in Australia. Tax amount is estimated until order has been shipped and shipping confirmation has been sent.