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Men's Wallets

Apparently when it comes to men’s wallets the “thin is In” Men’s wallets are following the trend of slim we are told by the wallet experts. There are even people who actually go and invent their very own thin wallet. Because they could not find a thin enough wallet that would suit them.
Wow! I am never sure if people still buy this kind of stories, or could it be true? What a waste of good creative talent, because there is so many easily found slim wallets out there claiming to be everything slim,  why go through all the headache when you can just buy one right here.
By now you probably want to know what my story is. Why do I make slim wallets? No; none of the good old reasons like; my wife complained about my fat wallet, (nonsense! she actually would love a big fat wallet) 
I make my wallets firstly because I am a wallet maker, secondly, I absolutely faithfully love simple things, and I believe every product should only exist if it has a reason for existing. In twenty or more years that I have been crafting men’s and women’s wallets I only made the slimmest, smallest and the most functional wallets, every year I go around the world to check out what is new in the worlds of leather goods, I have never seen anything simpler or slimmer than what I have so lovingly been making for all my adult life. Here are some examples of what I have been making please feel free to check them out in detail. I would like to add that each one of this wallet you are seeing here has taken me in some cases two years to completely develop and put into production. Each one comes with a 12-month guarantee.

PS: We don’t want to slim your wallet, we just want to sell you a really good value slim wallet, and you take care of the fattening