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Leather can contain many natural qualities that are masked during processing of the skins. These marks and grains of leather often become more noticeable after cleaning. Cleaners may be able to partially improve these effects but are unlikely to entirely restore the garment to its original condition. This is not the fault of the cleaners or a quality defects, but represent the natural characteristics of leather. Hang on well shaped hanger, store where air can circulate, do not store in plastic bags, store away from direct sunlight. Do not use adhesive tags on surface, let it dry naturally, do not place near fire or heater. Oil grease stains require specialist cleaning. Do not apply any household cleaning fluids, creams or soaps, do not wash, steam or iron. Oil & grease stains may be treated with satin resistant treatments. Brush nap with sponge or soft clothes brush. Do not use wire heard bristle brush. Colour variation and shrinkage can occur with general wear & cleaning.
the appearance of this leather will be altered if the garment is subject to cleaning. The surface finish will be removed, if you want to retain the original look of your garment refrain from cleaning. For heavy soiling advice specialist cleaners only.
If any problems arise, or should you like to know more please contact New Republic Customer service or post your question on our blog.

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