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New Strategy -Going online only

I want to start by thanking every one for supporting us over the years, it has being an amazing journey, lots of ups and down from start to this day. As most of our clients know new republic makes everything it sales, one thing we are very good at doing over and over again, is to select leather and other materials than construct the product in the best possible way to provide style, function and durability. Previously new republic had four retail stores in Sydney and Melbourne; we closed the last one at 452 Oxford Street Paddington on as of 1st of September 2015.

Today what I really want to tell you is that we have a new strategy; Going online only, selling at much reduced prices, something like a direct to public, without the extra expenses of running retail stores which is not really our speciality, we pass the savings directly on to you.

We do have a plan to open a store in Melbourne just to showcase the product and provide a physical point of contact with our customers, in support of our new strategy, I will keep you informed as the plans become clearer and a date set for the store opening. Currently we are operating through our workshop at 591 Plenty rd Preston Melbourne Victoria 3072. At this premises we mainly make smaller quantities of garments and accessories, do our own distributions to other retailers.
We are not wholesaling New Republic products but we do Private label production for many of the much loved boutiques around Australia.
You may be wondering why new republic doesn’t just concentrate on the private label only?

The answer is that in order to serve and provide an effective, cost competitive service we have to maintain a very strong and creative RND department, for our RND to have any meaning we must maintain a contact between our customers and the production, We come up with an idea, it maybe a new leather, new way of construction, new treatment of material, new shapes and functionalities. Than we put it to you in a way of retailing, very quickly we know what you think. When you like what we do every one benefits from this idea as inspiration.

Thank you for taking time to read this article, we are grateful for your support, please keep up
the good work

New Republic

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