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All New Republic products comes with 12 month guarantee  starting from the day they were purchased, when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended. This guarantee covers faulty materials and faults in workmanship. Normal wear, tear, damage and scuffing caused by soiling or neglect are exempt from this guarantee. If you wish to make a claim, or need help with a product, please email  together with the proof of purchase, or contact us at NEW REPUBLIC 591 PLENT RD PRESTON VIC 3072

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When it comes to men’s wallets “the thin is In” check this out.

Apparently when it comes to men’s wallets “the thin is In” Men’s billfold/wallets are following the trend of slim we are told by the wallet experts. There are even people who actually go and invent their very own thin wallet. Because they could not find a thin enough wallet that would suit them. Wow! I am never sure if people still buy this kind of stories, or could they true? What a waste of good creative talent, because there is so many easily found slim wallets out there claiming to be everything slim,  why go through all the headache when...

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Leather can contain many natural qualities that are masked during processing of the skins. These marks and grains of leather often become more noticeable after cleaning. Cleaners may be able to partially improve these effects but are unlikely to entirely restore the garment to its original condition. This is not the fault of the cleaners or a quality defects, but represent the natural characteristics of leather. Hang on well shaped hanger, store where air can circulate, do not store in plastic bags, store away from direct sunlight. Do not use adhesive tags on surface, let it dry naturally, do not...

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New Strategy -Going online only

I want to start by thanking every one for supporting us over the years, it has being an amazing journey, lots of ups and down from start to this day. As most of our clients know new republic makes everything it sales, one thing we are very good at doing over and over again, is to select leather and other materials than construct the product in the best possible way to provide style, function and durability. Previously new republic had four retail stores in Sydney and Melbourne; we closed the last one at 452 Oxford Street Paddington on as of...

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